A picture of me in IndiaHello, I’m John and I read and blog and try to follow Jesus. Compared to most bibliophiles I don’t think you could say I read very much, but in order to help me track, reflect on and discuss with others the books that I’m reading I decided to start this blog as a reading journal. Since I am a Christian and a candidate for ordained ministry many of the books I’ll be going through on here will be Christian, although probably not all of them (it’s not good to live in a bubble).

I’m currently living in West Cork, Ireland with my wife Sarah. We got married in August, 2011 and moved down here after the wedding, because Sarah teaches at a local primary school. Back in 2008 I decided to take a one-year break from studying at the Irish Bible Institute to get some experience serving as a Ministry Apprentice in Greystones Presbyterian Church, Co. Wicklow. One year turned into three years and, at the end, a marriage. During that time I applied for and was accepted as a candidate for ministry in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, but I have deferred seminary studies for two years to allow Sarah and I to settle in to married life and give Sarah more time to be a teacher in her new school. At the moment I work part-time from home doing some video editing work and I try to get involved in the local church to help out where I can.

If you’re reading this and you don’t already know me I’m sure you’ll get to know me as we go along and look at books together. Please feel encouraged to read along with me and discuss the books.

This is not a book review blog – it is a journal. If a book inspires me to write on a topic here don’t confuse my musings with the opinions of the author or the content or quality of the book that inspired me.


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