He who has ears, let him hear

Someone handed me a tract today and asked me what I thought of Jesus. I told him that Jesus is my Lord and Saviour, but he didn’t hear me. He was too busy talking over me about what “interesting” times we are living in nowadays.

A few years ago my teenagers and I followed an evangelist into a German town to watch him evangelise and then have a go ourselves. He got talking to a pretty young German woman and her friends. When they got to the topic of Jesus she told him (through a translator because he was speaking in English) that she believed in Jesus. He didn’t ask what she believed about Jesus, he just went on, assuming that her beliefs were wrong. He told her she must put on Jesus like a parachute. Find that in the Bible!

I’m not an expert at evangelism but I think if you are not interested in hearing what a person is telling you they believe and meeting them where they are, then you can hardly be said to be loving your neighbour as yourself. If you are too busy trying to carry on with your marketing spiel to hear someone declare Jesus Christ their Lord and Saviour right to your face, then whatever method you are using, you’re doing it wrong.

I’m a soft-spoken man, but it’s not hard to hear me when I’m standing right in front of you.

I gave him back his tract.


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Hello, I’m John and I read and blog and try to follow Jesus.

One response to “He who has ears, let him hear”

  1. drimoleaguewalkway says :

    Hi John. . .so apt.i had seen already a facebook posting entitled dunmanway for Christ. I forwarded your experience to them . Hopefully it may find teachable ears to hear in their morning briefing. Thanks John David

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