A Mini-Rant

Can I just get this out there and then maybe some people can tell me I’m over-reacting, or maybe I have a point? It might be worth discussing.

I had a children’s praise song stuck in my head recently (as only children’s songs can get stuck). As the lyrics were playing on a loop in my mind I began to have a big problem with what they were saying. Now, this is a fairly well known song. I’ve been in services where this was sung and I’ve probably even preached and lead services where this was sung and enjoyed by the kids, but now I have a problem with it that I didn’t notice before. Here’s the first verse of the song and the bit I have a problem with:

We want to see Jesus lifted high
A banner that flies across the land
That all men might see the truth and know
He is the way to heaven

What? “He is the way to heaven”? That’s the message you want to get out about Jesus? That He is the way to get somewhere? That He is the means to an end? What this line says is true but listen, Jesus is not the means to an end, He is the end. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Lord.

It’s true, Jesus is the only way to heaven, but if I want to go to heaven it’s because Jesus is there with nothing to separate us or cloud my perception of Him.

Jesus is what our faith is about, not the things he can do for us or the places he can take us, we need to teach our kids that. Don’t demote Jesus to the role of celestial ticket vendor.


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One response to “A Mini-Rant”

  1. David K. Flowers says :

    I completely agree with this. Well said.

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